never in your life have you needed you more

This moment in human history is rich with opportunities to grow deeper in being more humanly you; however, we are allowing the crap of our past to cover up the promises of our future.

Using my practice as an anthropologist and my passion for people, I have designed this spiritual archaeological journey for you to unearth the values, rituals, and practices that awaken you to your fullest expression of you.

This journey will help you learn to become an anthropologist of you so you can:

  1. develop daily practices that connect you to the most authentic version of you,

  2. create meaningful rituals that root you to your core,

  3. embrace lifelong values that you can return to over and over again to draw you into who you really are.

If something hasn’t shifted in you within the next 21 days of you committing to this practice you’ve still won the prize of dedicating time and energy to you for 21 days -- that is its own movement

So, be open to you like never before, be concerned about your own beauty, with a careless hope and a passionate love. You’ve been missing you. I double dog dare you to seek after yourself like you missed you. Go on this life proven pathway back to you. 

Truly use this journey to develop daily practices, create meaningful rituals, and embrace lifelong values that embody the best you possible and make you more authentically you.