salon dinner parties ///

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  • What

A diverse hornet’s nest of urban leaders create an ecology of listening and learning at a dinner table.  Original musical composition, rich culinary art, and intentionally designed conversation experiences drive a night of wonder shared by people who are different, yet share a heart for learning something new. In this room they cannot talk about what they do, only who they are and why they exist.

  • Who

A heart-picked guest list of 10-12 imagineers join a table designed to whimsically and willfully unearth each other’s story. Table-mates will cross-pollinate meaningful conversation using laughter and listening to turn lines of distinction into a circle of curiosity.

  • How

The listening of anthropology, the fun of multi-sensory learning, and the design of traditional Salons originally started in 16th century Europe will awaken the soul and educate the cultural palate of guests.

  • Why

We need more whimsically beautiful and willfully powerful spaces to listen to each other. In this moment in human history, people listen (for) sides to take rather than listening (to) differing opinions that make a difference. Cognitively and culturally diverse perspectives cultivate human flourishing when we hold space to listen.