One Day ///

in-person, small group experience/////

description/ A practicum of adventurous stillness and creative calling for the sea sick souls made dizzy by the unpredictability of innovation. Understanding the specific needs and topics are unique to each audience, the listening spaces are a way to host the change that is already happening in the lives of most people who may feel stuck in one way or another.

You will be guided by an anthropologist storyteller who will provide innovative tools and resources for learning and deepening understanding through: • cross-pollinating work groups  • visual poems, • learning documentary films, and • walking podcast meditations that equips participants with the tools to find the rituals, values, and practices that create change in their work, intimate relationships, and personal knowing

investment/ $3750

Three Week/// 

Learning Tracks (Two Options)
online journey with interactive components to include a collective virtual kick-off with cohort and weekly phone conversations/////

Option One/// Sourcing Innovation Outline Course & Podcast Journey

description/ Sourcing Innovation provides you with the skills to find the flow of innovation where it is to cultivate human potential where you are. Each week, you will read articles and watch short videos to prepare for some form of engagement with the community you select to observe and innovate in.  

You will learn to engage your context or community with: • the anthropology of innovation; • the poetry of  deep listening; • the power of turning irritation into intrigue and intrigue into innovative hunches.

investment/ $350 per participant  

Option Two/// Amnesia Therapy Course & Podcast Journey

description/   Remember your future and reclaim your power to love and lead from a place of being and imagining. Because memory informs imagination, when we forget why we do what we do it is hard to imagine how to grow forward.  Most of the things we need to go forward can be remembered. The trauma of everyday life can knock the memory of our original goodness and greatness right out of us.

Amnesia of the soul domesticates dreams, deafens the inner voice, and limits an otherwise daring and barbaric life of reasonable risks and unreasonable hope.  

Each week participants will use a purpose designed musical therapy, art therapy, kinesthetic movement, and poetic structures to awaken the memory of “why” each participant exists and what they can do because of it.

investment/ $385 per participant  

Eight Week///

(ME)Anthropology One-on-one intensive
Griot designed advising, direction, and guidance: using stories to respond to strategic questions in an ancient tradition of a West African griot with the ear of a practitioner of innovation and the heart of a pastoral creativity.  

description/ Participants learn to become anthropologists of their personal culture and community contexts. This anthropological excursion is a whimsical and willful adventure to the center of who we are to find the:  • rituals, • values, and • daily practices that make you more meaningfully you.

This sensory prismatic process includes: • (8) 60 minute one-on-one sessions • tools and resources to prepare for engagement with the community you select to observe • an understanding of anthropological insight and how participant observation will open up at different set of bright eyed vision and hope • articles, films, podcast journeys  • personal archaeology projects guide the inner traveler to unearth and own

investment/ $6500


***Additional hours for one-on-one advising, direction, and guidance available/// investment/ $125 per hour